About Me

My name is Dieuwke van der Velde; I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer in San Jose, CA, and owner of Orion Dog Training.  I got my credentials through the Animal Behavior College, where I did my internship at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. I am continuously taking classes and seminars to stay educated and to keep up to date with all the newest research and all that involves training and living with dogs.  I also teach for Sirius. 

I got involved in dog training while still working as a research technician at Stanford in 2006 when I adopted my first Australian Shepherd mix.  I did the research before taking him on, took him to puppy classes at Sirius, and went through 3 years of Search and Rescue training through CARDA   Draco and I were fanatic hikers and backpackers; he was one of a kind.

In 2009 I got involved in fostering dogs for several rescues and shelters. Over the 100 fostered since three adopted me, a Catahoula named Ofi who is dog reactive on leash, a Heeler mix named Dallas, and most recently an Aussie mix named Orion.

Orion was only 10 weeks when he came to my house. He had a bad case of puppy strangles and was extremely afraid of people. I started taking him to Sirius Puppy class and puppy agility at Fetch Sam and Morgan Hill Dog Sports to get him around people because he became more confident when other dogs were around.  He flourished so much!  We ended up continuing with agility and ending up adopting each other.

My dogs are not perfect, as am I not, but we are perfect for each other, and I am always working with them, taking classes and seminars. I learn from them every single day. I love teaching group classes as much as private sessions to help improve the lives of both dogs and their humans.

My specialties are all things puppy, from potty training to loose leash walking and recall, adding a new dog to the house, fostering a dog (what to expect and how to prepare), dealing with shy dogs, and reactive dogs.  

At the training center, we offer basic puppy classes and adult obedience classes, tricks classes, agility for puppies and we offer a Puppy Pre-K program where we teach your new puppy. Check out our services:

My methods of training are al reward-based, using positive reinforcement. I really like to focus on helping people understand their dogs better and improve their relationships.