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About Me

Dieuwke (Dee-you-kuh) van der Velde, certified positive reinforcement trainer through Animal Behavior College, interned at Humane Society of Silicon Valley. With a background as a research technician at Stanford, I believe in continuous learning to learn evolving techniques and tools staying abreast to successfully train dogs.  I fully subscribe to positive reinforcement training and adopt this mode of behavioral training for puppies to adolescent and adult dogs.   I have more then 12 years experience training dogs of all breeds and sizes , which included a three year search & rescue training through CARDA.


I have been fostering through rescue groups since 2009 and have helped puppies and adolescent dogs with varied behavioral issues - from socialization, building confidence, reactivity and have helped the dogs through positive experiences in controlled environments, so they have a structured process to be successfully integrated into their family and community. 


I specialize in puppy training,  and helping both first time dog owners and families adding a new puppy learn the basics of obedience training so they enjoy the new addition to the family and have a strong bond develop.  My training is reward based, using positive reinforcement so humans understand their dog’s needs.  I offer both group lessons and private consulting, and have my own training center in West San Jose.


I am eager to get started with training your dog and welcome you to reach out to me today!

contact  me here.


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