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collar grabs

Every time we reach for our puppy to grab her, it us usually because we want to prevent them getting into trouble. The puppy is learning real quick that when our hands come close, their freedom gets taken away! They might start moving away when they see us coming and or even start biting that hand.

So I am not saying never grab your puppy, but condition them that when our hands come close to grab them, grab their collar, their harness, even to pick them up, feed them yummy treats, so they will start to anticipate good things when the hand comes close.

In our puppy socials, when we ask you to go get your puppy, have very yummy treats ready in one hand, so you can feed those right after you are holding on to them!

In this video, I am using a portion of Orion's daily kibble to demo a simple "reach and treat" exercise.

For puppies you really want to practice this on a daily basis!

let me know if you have questions!

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