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Puppy biting and crate training your puppy or adult dog.

Most dogs love their food and love all their treats even more.

When I grew up and even until fifteen years ago, I always fed my dogs twice a day from their bowls. When my first Aussie mutt rescue came along I started using dog treats, (yup they never got treats before) for his training for search and rescue. Occasionally I would use his kibble for training as well, because in those days things were financially tight.

Then later on started fostering puppies and needed ways to help the pups to settle in their new environment and to have them not chew on anything and everything. Rawhides were all the rage back then but they started getting a bad rep, then bones, bully sticks and pig ears etc. are a great way to keep the puppies busy and get their chew out. But they are pricey as well, and they not always agreed with the puppy.

Hollow chew toys like kongs came along and they stayed ever since.

I also like the West Paw products in particular the zogoflex toppl.

All my dogs get half their meals fed through these and half in training, meaning I use their kibble as treats for training.

They do not get fed from a bowl and also not twice day any more, they get fed through out the day. Young puppies also do not need to be fed twice or thrice a day, you can feed them more often through kongs etc or through your hands. They keep the puppies busy, say when you work on crate training or alone time training, great associations are made. It also teaches them to chew on appropriate chew toys. Mine love just chewing and playing with even an empty kong.

My senior dogs loves when I get a kong out of the freezer, he runs to his spot and really enjoys it. My eleven month old puppy, is still crated occasionally when I am there or when I am not there to supervise and he gets one nearly every time he goes in his crate.

So this is what I do for one dog, but I actually always have at least 10 hollow chew toys frozen in the freezer.



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